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IndianSalwar Kameezhas changed its look over many centuries from the Iranian era to the mughal empire to its modern look. For women the traditional Indian Salwar Kameez is still the favorite dress of from all the Indian Clothes. Although Indian Salwar Kameezhas changed its look and design but the basics of the Indian Salwar Kameezstill remains the same. Although the Indian Salwar Kameezis still worn in almost every house hold in India due to its comfort. Even Indians settled in USA, UK, and other countries all over the world wear the traditional Salwar Kameez. Indian Salwar Kameez is preferred more in the northern region of India compared to South India where Women prefer to wear sarees.

Indian Salwar Kameezhas also earned more fame after Aishwarya Rai winning the Miss World titlle and becoming a house hold name all over the world even featuring on the oprah winfrey show . Aishwarya Rai celebrity status and herm wearing Indian Salwar Kameez in various international functions also did its bit in increasing the popularity of Indian Salwar Kameez overseas. Even bollywoodhas been an added motivator in promoting Indian Salwar Kameez from India. Bollywood has been a global source for people looking for new designs, trends and style especially in Indian Salwar Kameez. Many Bollywood Fashion designers like Manish Malhotra, Rocky S, Rohit Bal, Ritu Beri, and Ritu Kumar have becomefamous due to their contribution in bollywoodfor Indian Salwar Kameez.While the designers strive to come out with new creative ideas the traditionality of the Indian Salwar Kameez remains unchanged.

The best part of the Indian Salwar Kameez is that its traditional combined with modernpinch added to it giving it the beauty of the Indian Salwar Kameez. Indian Salwar Kameez besides in its traditional form is also changed by our fashion designer to give its modern look which is more of an indian western outlook. The Indian Salwar kameez has survived many centuries and will remain a very popular outfit for most of the Indians including indian staying abroad in usa, uk, Canada and other countries worldwide.

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